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Meet the band

Meet the band

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Eric ten Bos

Eric grew up loving the music of Queen, Saga, Marillion and Rush. Today he listens to music that comes from the heart, music created with intention. Whether it’s classical or marching band. Freddy Mercury and Gino Vannelli have both been massive influences on his style. Eric’s striking voice, combined with socially engaged lyrics are the core of the signature ENORM sound. Besides making music, he’s also know for being a sports addict, ideally cycling all day around Lake Garda.

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Guitar/Composer/Backing vocals

Ronald ten Bos

Ronald is the creative mastermind behind ENORM and madly in love with his red PRS and hollow body Eastman guitar. Rush’s Alex Lifeson is Ronald’s main inspiration and childhood hero. His play style has also been influenced by Marillion and Saga, which is no surprise considering Ronald and Eric are brothers. Yet, modern artists like The Weeknd, Coldplay and Miley Cyrus have been added to his daily playlist as well. Like his brother, Ronald enjoys biking and craft beer.

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Martin Platenkamp

Martin, aka Dr. Sound, is inspired by the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Tool and Kraftwerk. But recently he’s developed a soft spot for typical 80’s acts Talk Talk and Tears for Fears. These influences come together in the creation of the typical ENORM sounds and loops. Martin is regularly found in a bar or in Austria on his skis, or both.

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Ferry Bult

Ferry is a self-taught drummer and learned the craft by listening to the work of Neil Peart, Phil Collins, Chester Thompson and Steve Smith. These influences can be heard in the heavy, yet groovy drive he provides for ENORM. Together with Bram he is the foundation of the band. When not drumming, Ferry likes to drive around on his motorcycle. Preferably in the Alps.

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Bram Brijan

Progressive metal band Dream Theater, especially bassist John Myung, is Bram’s main source of musical inspiration. Another of his heroes is Bryan Beller (a.o. Joe Satriani, Steve Vai). The technical precision of both men can be heard in Bram’s bass lines. Besides slapping the bass he also enjoys reading, writing, a good film and working out.

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