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press release



Holten, The Netherlands, 22 January 2021 – The band ENORM from Enschede (NL) today releases its new single ‘Strange World’. The lockdown-inspired song is the first result of the cooperation between ENORM and Van Hoevalaak Records that started in September 2020.

Strange World’ describes the feeling of a strange world where we give up our freedom for a higher common purpose. The song expresses the distance but also the solidarity we are experiencing worldwide as a result of Covid-19, our astonishment about the speed of measures that affect us and the feeling of being restricted and confined.

At the same time, ‘Strange World’ portrays the belief that everything will eventually be fine; that it will make us stronger and wiser as a society and as an individual, and that we will appreciate more of the ‘ordinary things in life’. The current ‘Strange World’ makes us aware of the fact that we are part of something bigger and that we cannot and should not limit ourselves to living in our own kingdoms.

Strange World represents our view on current times and at the same time is the first result of our new partnership with Van Hoevelaak Records’, says ENORM singer Eric ten Bos. ‘At this very moment I am personally experiencing the consequences of an infection, so I know what I am talking about’.

In its 25-year history, ENORM has released a considerable number of albums and singles including ‘Zoe’, ‘Reach for the Roses’ and their Christmas hit in local dialect ‘Op Hoes Op An Veur Kesmis’. Furthermore, ENORM is the producer of ‘Kerst met Ballen’, a Christmas theatre rock show. With this new single and subsequent material, the band wants to increase its national fan base and enter the German market.

We are delighted by the cooperation between ENORM and Van Hoevelaak Records during the recording of this single and music video’, says producer Edwin van Hoevelaak. ‘This is the creative level that we would like to pursue in the years to come’.

Strange World’ was written and recorded by producers Vincent Sorg (Principal Studios, Senden, Germany) and Edwin van Hoevelaak (Rooftop Studios, Holten, The Netherlands) during the 2020 lockdown. The music video is produced by ENORM with director Denis Majstorović (MajstroVideo) and cinematographer Erik Journée (NEW DAY studio). It tells the story of the effect of the lockdown on a young couple, an elderly couple and two school friends.

See the music video ‘Strange World’: https://youtu.be/r9cJznL3Vj8

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