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ENORM & Dutch Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team

ENORM & Dutch Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team

ENORM and the Dutch Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team

A unique collaboration in the history of the TeamNL women’s wheelchair basketball team. They have joined forces with the band ENORM to pay tribute to the Paralympic Games. ENORM wrote the song UP for the TeamNL wheelchair basketball team in the lead-up to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The song pays tribute to the team and their quest at the Paralympic Games. The Dutch wheelchair basketball team will be playing as a medal candidate and starting the tournament on August 25.

UP is about resilience; going through deep valleys and reaching high peaks together. A message that hit home by the players, a message that is powerful and lovingly at the same time.

Help us to get 100.000 views

Our ambassadors will donate € 5,000
if our song ‘UP’ has reached 100,000 views.
So get “UP” and click!

Support our Paralympic Team

Would you like to contribute to our wheelchair basketball team?

Then donate through the actions below.

Pick up your phone! A ringtone has been made from the chorus of the song 'UP'. This can be ordered online for only € 2 in the Basketball Experience NL foundation shop.

Text "Tokyo" to 4333 and donate an amount of your choice.


The proud ambassadors of our Dutch women’s wheelchair basketball team are: SKO, FLOKK, ArboNed and Vepa. Together they will donate € 5,000 if our song ‘UP’ has reached 100,000 views. With this, they want to have more attention to our Paralympic team! 

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